Coles Supermarket

Bi-Lo fitout a highlight for Coles

Coles are considered world-class in FMCG retailing. The transformation of a Bi-Lo store to a flagship supermarket required a thorough grasp of Coles’ exacting standards as well as the importance placed on consumer psychology. By consulting with the Coles project team transparently and to a constant timetable, SHAPE  brought the new store into line with Coles’ latest store design requirements, delivering a fresher, brighter and more contemporary experience to Coles’ shoppers.


“This was a challenging project for everyone. But I’m glad to say you (SHAPE) tackled it with imagination and energy and delivered an excellent result. We’d love to work with you again.”

Client: Coles Supermarkets

Floor Area: 3,900 m²

Delivery Model: Lump sum

Location: Capalaba

State: QLD

Project type: Refurbishment

Completion date: June 2008

Duration: 26 weeks

Sector: Retail

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